Thanks so much to everyone who has shown support for my lifestyle and my art these past couple days! It has been very very encouraging. But it also occurred to me today that nowhere in the Huffington Post article, or even in my own extended bio, did I mention the NAME of my solo music project (GioSafari) or leave LINKS for people to check out my music!

First things first, I want EVERYONE to download my newest single for FREE on noisetrade.com, it's called Vagrants & Vagabonds, Outlaws & Thieves

You may also leave a tip there if you feel so inclined. Some people have asked whether there are ways they can financially support my work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Here are links for mp3 downloads and/or support:


I am also more than willing to send you my music for free and/or for donations via paypal. Email or connect via paypal at giosafari@gmail.com.

Finally, here are links for updates, networking, videos, and streaming:


Following the huffpo article, many questions have been asked on this blog regarding freeganism, busking, my faith, etc. I will absolutely respond to many of these questions in due time! Expect that blog entry within the next week. Thanks to you all for your support, I appreciate it very much!


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