It's 7am and I've already been up for an hour. Deep in prayer, drawing into the heart of my Dad. I am reeling! Let's just discuss.

Reclaiming the morning is such a beautiful thing. I got to thinking about how important it was for Jesus to commune with the Father early in the morning. Then I thought about how Odysseus always got his day started "as soon as Dawn arrived, fresh and rosy-fingered." Odysseus did some pretty awesome things. And, you know, there's Jesus. They found it significant to be up at the break of dawn...

I'm making this a new pattern in my life, to be awake and in prayer as Dawn arrives. To be up at 6am.

Do you have any idea how difficult this is? I've always chalked it up to not being "a morning person." But I see now that it was always just an excuse. It wasn't character that I lacked, but discipline - to drag myself out of bed in the morning, to seek after God and abide in God's love, to order my prayer life, to pray, to manage my time efficiently, to be a good steward of my physical body (particularly in the ways I feed it and allow it to rest), to practice self-control throughout the day, to get to bed in the evening (on time!), and finally to pray for prophetic dreams (lol, but seriously).

This is so much harder than any "work" I've ever done or probably will ever do. Look at the paragraph above! Can you imagine a job that would require someone to exercise that kind of discipline? No, it would be untenable. But that's precisely what Jesus calls us into when he says, "come, follow me." This is just a part of what discipleship looks like.

To reclaim the morning will mean for me and God to completely break the foundation of my life. For me to surrender and abdicate to God: my schedule, diet, the times that I sleep and wake, my dreams in the day and night; and then to allow him to work me into a new being altogether, that I might be a better vessel for the Kingdom.

The cost for me will ultimately be my freedom. After all, what meaning does "free time" have when one's schedule is under the domain and command of almighty God?

To be continued =D

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