I've had this cork board hanging on my wall(s) since I moved to Orlando in Fall 2004. I've moved about seven times since then; still there are certain papers, photographs, lists, and notes that have stayed with me and weathered all these years!
One of them is a small slip that reads:

prayer movement!

I always kept that little slip of paper because the words on it, though written back in 2006, always seemed to carry so much weight. I knew they would periodically remind me of something God might desire for my life, something I might have an important role in. I could not have imagined then what S/he had in store for me.

Five years later I am living in NYC, working full time as a songwriter, busker, performance artist, and writer. I'm also a Christian, anarchist, and peace-maker; committed to my church, city, and a DIY ethic (respectively). I also happen to love the homeless.

God has combined all these existential hues to stamp a rather vague image in my mind, heart, and spirit: the vision God has for me in Chicago, which I affectionately and expectantly call my "Kitchen Sink". There are three parts to this vision:
  1. 24/7 house of prayer and worship
  2. Homeless kitchen and resource center
  3. Art community center and DIY showspace

I anticipate that my years in NYC will help me to further develop my vision and prepare me to materialize and plant it in Chicago. In all its facets. At some point in the not-too-distant future.

That being said, I am actively seeking out opportunities in NYC to increase in knowledge and experience in all three facets...

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