By February 2010, I'd lived in NYC for about six months. I was feeling a bit jaded about my lack of direction; I strove to be a better disciple of Jesus; I desired intimacy with God; and I considered what steps (if any) I'd taken toward moving to Chicago.

I asked myself the question:
How will the next six months be different from the last?

This was my answer:
The whole reason I moved to NYC was that I want to plant a church in Chicago... YET. I haven't really been doing so much thinking, praying, talking, or writing about Chicago! This was even something that Caleb from TGC BK called me out on when we first met - I had the passion, desire, will; but no VISION. Interestingly, Seth called me out on the same thing back when Emily and I were talking about getting married and moving to NYC. So this time I hope to be a bit more proactive - engaging in thought and prayer on what I hope to happen in Chicago. The main theme of these six months will still be SURVIVAL. But I need to start working in some forethought for Chicago. I'm taking a trip there in late April. That'll probably help jog the process =)

Interestingly enough,  I received my vision for Chicago at the end of those next six months. I had not been actively seeking. It all came to me in a sudden spurt of inspiration. God works in mysterious ways.

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