As mentioned in the previous post, the first part of my threefold vision is a 24/7 house of prayer and worship. I learned a bit about what these are when living in Orlando. My D12 discipleship group caught wind of a powerful little book called Red Moon Rising, by Greig and Roberts, which spoke of a world-wide 24/7 prayer movement. Some members of the group read the book (I was admittedly not one of them) and were instantly inspired.

So we got involved with some churches in our city that were experimenting with the idea, including Church in the Son and a venue called The Porch. We learned a bit about what round-the-clock prayer and worship could look like: singing, playing musical instruments, flag-waving, eating or sleeping alongside the homeless, painting, dancing... and any number of other uncomfortably pentecostal expressions of worship. Some of us also visited the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Atlanta.

That was five years ago. I have not participated much in that sort of thing since. But I believe that God has laid exactly "that sort of thing" on my heart - to be implemented in Chicago and, to a certain extent, manifested during my time in NYC.

I'm not sure what that will mean ultimately; but there have been a lot of developments as of late, giving me some idea what it means for the time being.

Jon Tyson, the head pastor of Trinity Grace Church has spoken the past two weeks about prayer, particularly the Lord's Prayer as outlined by Jesus in Matt 6:9-13. He encouraged us to pray through it for one hour each day. He also called us to pray together on Wednesdays at noon for an hour.

Seeing how this call reflected my vision for a prayer movement, I offered to make a map for the congregation to offer or find prayer locations around the city. I am hosting a prayer meeting myself at my home in Hamilton Heights.

I had also resolved to pray during my lunch hour each day, but at my discipleship group meeting on Monday we all agreed to wake up together at 6am to pray. So I've had to shuffle my schedule around, but I'm really making this happen! An hour of prayer each day at 6am. And Wednesdays at noon to boot!

I've also gotten involved with the TGC worship team and poetry group. I know that these group will teach me much more about prayer and worship. I will be leading with the band on tamborine and/or bass at the Upper West Side services, Sundays at 11am. I will also be leading the poetry group and my missional community in worship periodically.

It's already beginning to sound like 24/7, isn't it? Lol. Bring it on!

To hear those sermons by Jon Tyson, click HERE! The sermons about prayer were Feb 20, 27.
Shelagh Daniel
7/28/2011 10:13:05 am

Hats off to you!! I LOVED the story on you Huffpost did! You are an inspiration!!

Liz Wheeler
7/28/2011 12:15:06 pm

I have found your positive out look on life so refreshing and uplifting. To finally be able to read someones thoughts and daily activities with no negative vibes. You are very inspiring, passionate and full of positive life. I look forward to reading your blogs. Thank you for helping us see a whole new outlook on life!

7/28/2011 07:56:26 pm

It would be nice if you had a link where people could make donations to your effort. Even a post office box would work.
Anyway, I thought I would share a segment of one of my favorite prayers:

"One ever flowing pen inscribed the names of all the creatures, in their kinds and colors, but which of us would seek to pen that record, and if we could how great the scroll would be.
How can I describe the beauty and might of Thy works, And who has the power to estimate Thy bounty O Lord. All creation emerging from Thy one word, flowing like a multitude of rivers."
Japji: Nanak
(Segment Section 16 Morning Prayer of Sikhism) UNESCO Collection: Indian Series. Ruskin House George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1960. London.)


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