These are my prayer beads, introduced in the previous entry. Below are the names of the beads and/or what they represent. Some of these won't make much sense just yet. But... oh well. Stay tuned to learn more.
1) Dawn (Psalm 57)
2) Trust, Obey, Abide
3) The Lord's Prayer
4) The Clown of God
5) Family
6) Edgecombe House
7) The Heights
8) TGC Leaders
9) Won
10) TGC Peeps
11) The Kitchen Sink
12) Red Moon Rising
13) Good Morning Joe
14) The Black Box
15) Two Loves
16) Trinity
17) Nantakarn
18) Other
19) Freegans
20) Musicians
21) Dreams
22) Shalom
23) Plans
7/28/2011 03:15:17 am

I love your prayer beads. I have never been very connected to the spiritual or religious side of my life but I think I will create my own set of beads to help focus and meditate on what is important in my life. Thank you for sharing.


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